Kids & their Breakfast around the world

If you are a faithful reader from my blog you already know how much I try to reach out to parents about the importance of breakfast for children! Their first and second most important meal of the day, according to experts. I still believe it should be considered the first one. But what is important is that they have their breakfast. Period.
To seat down every morning, eat food that can provide them with the sources of energy they need to go through their super busy days at school.
Anyway, again one more article from New York Times Magazine, which I found most interesting and curious, showing us what children eat around the world for breakfast.

From Japan, Africa, Brazil, Turkey and some countries in Europe, the diversity is amazing also how their food culture influences are strong from one country to another.
What I loved the most was to see that there was no sign of pre-packed food in sight thus we still have parents dedicating time to prepare a very important meal of the day for their children.
So what are you preparing for you children tomorrow morning?



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