Happy 2014!


have you guys been good?!
right! this is the time for you to think about what has gone past in your life in the last year but most important lets focus on how to be a better person with the new year!
save some time to spend with your children! it’s a valuable time that you will regret if not used it properly!
listen to them! play with them! cook with them!
put passion in your daily life! the smallest touch will always make a huge difference!
good food and passion are the energy for a happier life! I have no doubts about it!

may 2014 be the bridge to all your projects, dreams and aspirations! may it be full of joy, health and love!
May it be your year!!
Have a happy one everyone!
And stay with me as in the very near future there will be some very exciting news about me as a Foodsitter and all my new adventures!

Thank you everyone for following



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