Food Revolution Day Turin 2013 – in pictures

i know i know i know…it’s been a long time since it happend!!
my true and sincere apologies but here, finally, is the post with “the best of” from Food Revoltuion Day Turin 2013.
we had a great time!

i had a ball getting it all together!

so to share with you i chose to make this post with a selection of pictures from planning to happening…hours in studio, lunching with colleagues and friends, special twitter moments, baking time at home, picnic, turin turning food revolution for a day, a sunday luch dedicated to our cause…and many bits and pieces of special times!

we started off with a picnic in the park (a week before) where we had quite a few people turning up with loads of yummy, healthy and totally home made goodies to share!
it was very rewarding seeing all the participants gathering and sharing.
and so it came Friday May 17th….a day full of happenings and delightful surprises! or better…two cute and curious unexpected guests. from Tuscany, Giulia Scarpaleggia the author of “I LOVE TOSCANA” and Juls’ Kitchen (the blog) together with her dear friend Regula Ysewijn aka Miss Foodwise, from Belgium, author of her ever so special and delicious blog, caring her name, dedicated to her love for british food! quintessential to say the least!

with the “tour de force” between all the places that did participate i can only say, first of all thanks to absolutely everyone, from staff to partecipants! all this love for food, good food, can never happen without you guys! thanks for the amazing energy in preparing the food we eat and the right and positive message you’ve helped me pass along!

to finish with a italian sunday lunch with friends!

happy food revolution, yesterday, today and tomorrow!

thanks Turin!!

a special thanks goes to Regula for some of the pictures she passed it on to my blog!! her credits!



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